KartSim Esports Simulator

Configure your KartSim Esports Simulator with all the features you require in one easy wizard!

Entry retail grade karting simulator with hardware set up and selected for karting and configured and optimised to work with the KartSim Pro software by our engineers. Suitable for home use by Karter’s wishing to learn new tracks and practice before races or by karting enthusiasts.

Standard Package Includes:

  • Modified Next Level Go Kart Plus Frame
  • Single Stand
  • 43 inch 60hz Screen
  • KartSim Esports PC
  • Cammus C5 Steering Wheel (5NM)
  • KartSim Esports Pedals with karting  pedal Kit
  • KartSim Pro UK or EU Software

Additional Extra Include:

  • Additional KartSim Pro Software Package
  • Seat Vibration

All the options available are displayed in our 'Simulator Configuration' below, which includes descriptions about each option that is available with our KartSim Esports Simulators.

Simulator Configuration

- Initial Configuration
KartSim Esports Simulator

The KartSim Esports Simulator Rig, with it’s rigid design and small footprint offers karting enthusiasts a perfect cost effective entry level rig which has been specifically designed to replicate the kart seating position.
It features our KartSim Esports Pedals with Karting Pedal Kit and a Cammus C5 Steering Wheel (5NM).  

  • Adjustable Seat, wheel, and pedal position to suit a wide range of users ranging from 110-200 cm (3'7" – 6'7") or up to waist size 40”.  
  • Max Weight: 130kg (286 lbs)
  • Product Dimensions: (L) 169.5 cm x (W) 83 cm (Width including screen 100cm) or (H) 54 cm /(L) 66.7" x W 32.7 " x H 21.3")
- Our Software
KartSim Pro Software

KartSim features Kart Tracks and kart Models in the UK and Europe that are available to purchase and download through our website.

Our tracks are built using Lidar data where available, ensuring a very high level of accuracy to the real circuits. Lidar data is collected from aerial views, allowing the contours, surface changes and tarmac to be replicated as accurately as possible, ensuring the most realistic experience for all karting drivers using KartSim simulation software.

Our kart models are developed using real life telemetry data, engine dyno data, and tyre specification data. Each kart has been tested and verified by numerous professional kart drivers and the telemetry data from the virtual kart has been cross referenced to the telemetry data of the real kart counterpart to ensure the highest possible level of accuracy.

This meticulous attention to detail provides the highest possible realism and driver feel, which is why KartSim Pro software provides the best available karting simulation software for the karting industry.

The software packages available include:

Please click the links above for more information on what is included in each software option.

- Kartsim Gaming PC's
KartSim Esports Gaming PC

Our KartSim Esports Gaming PC is our most affordable gaming PC solution specifically built for running KartSim Pro Software at the highest graphics settings on a Single 4k Screen set up.

This solution comes with our 43 Inch 60Hz Screen option.

Please click here for specifications.

- Simulator specific Stands
- Single or Triple Screens
Monitor Screens

All Esports Simulators can be supplied with a 43 Inch HD ready 60Hz monitor.

These are single screen options, that include the monitor mounts for your Esports Simulator.

- Karting and Racing Seat Options
- Logitech and Fanatac Steering Wheels
- Feel the full experience
- Immerse yourself with VR
- Feel the kart underneath you
KartSim Ultimate Seat Vibration System

The KartSim Ultimate Seat Vibration System adds additional realism, immersion and impact.

The base shaker configured specifically with KartSim Pro software uses audio signal to create a dynamic and musically accurate tactile feedback that allows you to feel road bumps, road texture and kerbs, engine vibrations, through vibrations in the seat - as you would feel in a kart seat in real life.



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