KartSim Pro EU Software

We aim to offer exciting and worthwhile prizes to winners of each class.

Our aim is to support the karting career of the Cadet winner, whilst also providing compelling opportunities for the winners of the Junior and Senior classes to progress up the motorsport ladder.

KartSim Pro EU Software

Our KartSim Pro EU software uses the rFactor2 platform (PC), and offers the most advanced and realistic simulation software available for the karting industry.

Our tracks are built using Lidar data where available, ensuring a very high level of accuracy to the real circuits. Lidar data is collected from aerial views, allowing the contours, surface changes and tarmac to be replicated as accurately as possible, ensuring the most realistic experience for all drivers using KartSim.

Our kart models are developed using actual telemetry, engine dyno, and tyre specification data form the real life counterparts. Each kart has been tested and verified by numerous professional kart drivers and the telemetry data from the virtual kart has been cross referenced to telemetry data of the real kart to ensure the highest

EU Kart Models Include:

  • Mini 60
  • Junior X30 EU
  • Senior X30 EU
  • Iame OK Junior
  • Iame OK

EU Tracks Models Include:

  • 7 Laghi (Castelletto / Italy)  
  • Adria (Italy)
  • Alaharma (Mika Salo Circuit / Finland)
  • Alonso (Spain)
  • Angerville (France)
  • Genk (Belgium)
  • Kristianstad (Sweden)
  • La Conca (Italy)
  • Le Mans Karting (France)
  • Lonato (South Garda / Italy)
  • Salbris (France)
  • Sarno (Italy)
  • Valencia (Spain)
  • Zuera (Spain)

Our Software and hardware packages are strictly for individual private use. Commercial use is forbidden. For information on commercial licenses please contact us before purchase.

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KartSim Configurator

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