KartSim Ltd specialises in providing high quality simulators, Driver Coaching, and world class simulation software FOR THE KARTING INDUSTRY.

KartSim Karting Simulators


KartSim was created to provide world class simulation hardware, software and coaching for the karting industry.

The aim was to fill the notable gap in the market place for a highly realistic go-to simulator experience. Previous games and software packages have never fully offered a complete and realistic experience for karting.

KartSim has been designed to change this. The goal was to provide karters of all ages, budgets and abilities, in order to supply them with the best possible simulator experience through the unrivaled quality of our hardware and software solutions.

Through driver coaching KartSim is there to help drivers improve their skills, track knowledge and race-craft, when they are not at the race track.

Our KartSim Pro simulators are designed for kart teams and serious karters.  They provide an unrivaled life like turnkey simulation experience, using the latest technologies.

The Pro simulator is available in two sizes, either with a cadet kart or a senior kart chassis, along with a range of other KartSim Products, to offer you the best driving and online gaming experience.

We have also launched a high end Formula Simulator for karters transitioning from karting into single seater racing who wish to have a state of the art simulator at affordable prices.

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The KartSim software was released as a mod on Rfactor 2 in October 2017.

Kartsim features 10 UK tracks and 5 UK Kart Models available to purchase.
All our tracks are built using Lidar data where available, ensuring a very high level of accuracy to the real circuits, to give all drivers the most realistic experience when using the software.

Notable scenery, corner characteristics, kerbs and more have been incorporated into the software. This meticulous attention to detail provides the highest possible realism and driver feel, to give quality all users preparation via simulation.

Drivers are able to customise the look of their driver and kart when playing Kartsim, with the option to request your own design to match your real-life gear coming soon!

In 2018 we will be releasing various European and Worldwide kart circuits, as well as various other downloadable add-on content.

Simulators are available to suit all budgets and driver requirements

KartSim provides state of the art software, using the highest quality Lidar data to build circuits with incredible realism.

KartSim Simulation Software


KartSim simulation software features kart tracks and kart models in the UK and Europe that are available to purchase and download through our website.

The first KartSim simulation software was released on Rfactor2 in October 2017.  Since then the product has continuously been developed to offer a whole range of kart models and kart tracks in the UK and Europe.

Our tracks are built using Lidar data where available, ensuring a very high level of accuracy to the real circuits. Lidar data is collected from aerial views, allowing the contours, surface changes and tarmac to be replicated as accurately as possible, ensuring the most realistic experience for all karting drivers using KartSim simulation software.

Our kart models are developed using real life telemetry data, engine dyno data, and tyre specification data. Each kart has been tested and verified by numerous professional kart drivers and the telemetry data from the virtual kart has been cross referenced to the telemetry data of the real kart counterpart to ensure the highest possible level of accuracy.

This meticulous attention to detail provides the highest possible realism and driver feel, which is why KartSim Pro software provides the best available karting simulation software for the karting industry.